Choose Raw for a Healthier Pet

Our farm-to-table pet food in Brookfield, CT has many outstanding benefits

Have you ever thought about a raw food diet for your pet? When you choose Thomaston Feed of Brookfield in Brookfield, CT as your local pet food supplier, you know your pet's dietary needs will be met. Farm-to-table pet food is a natural way for your best friend to get nutrition. It's far superior to kibble.

Keep your fur baby happy and healthy by choosing a raw food diet. Call us today or stop by the store to learn more about our raw food options and see what we have for your pet to devour.

Chomp down on the benefits of a raw diet for your furry friend

You love your fur baby, so it makes sense that you want to ensure they get the best diet possible. By choosing farm-to-table pet food at Thomaston Feed of Brookfield, you'll get a high-quality product that improves:

  • Coat and skin health
  • Energy levels
  • Stool size
  • Dental health
  • Immunity
  • Allergies
  • Weight and physique

What are you waiting for? Switch your cat and dog to a raw food diet today. We look forward to being a local pet food supplier you can trust wholeheartedly.