Get Your Pup All the Essentials They Need

Make us your preferred dog treat supplier in Brookfield, CT for tasty delicacies and more

Has it been a while since your pup had a new chew toy? Perhaps you need to restock your furry friend's raw food stash. No matter the case, Thomaston Feed of Brookfield is a dog treat supplier in Brookfield, CT that has everything you need in one convenient trip. We don't carry any food products from China because we want you to know precisely what's in your dog's food.

Drop in with your fur baby today and let them pick out their new favorite toy and treats. Just prepare yourself for the woofs of joy the entire ride home.

Curious to know what we have on hand?

Do you need more than a bag of food for your furry friend? You'll be happy to know we're a leading dog treat supplier providing holistic dog supplies in Brookfield, CT. When you browse our aisles, you'll find:

  • Dog brushes
  • Dog clippers
  • Poop bags
  • Leashes
  • Supplements
  • Treats

Stop in today to pick up what your dog needs.